The Story begins on a “Jam Session” in a country club. The Afro, Blues and Gospel Voice of Sandra Mandengué "Mounam"* makes a magical impression. For many years, she has performed on national and international stages within different groups (Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Blues, Reggae Dub, Electro...).

This is how with the groups Maezah, Colorblind, The Dynamics or The Souls Funk Soldiers, she traveled more than half the globe, released several albums and performed on prestigious stages such as the Glastonburry Festival (UK), the South West Festival (Portugal), Jazz in Vienna (France). She shared the stage with renowned artists such as Liz Mc Comb, Pink Martini, Popa Chubby, Lady Gaga, Chemicals Brothers, Toots and The Maytals...

To date, while continuing her composition projects and The Dynamics, she joined the Gazeeboo Band and initiated the tribute project to Nina Simone.



*Mounam = the child in the Douala dialect of Cameroon...

Sandra Mounam

Eclectic Singer



The Dynamics

The Dynamics is a Reggae Dub Soul Band  from Lyon, with 3 singers (Mr Day, Stevie Levi et Mounam) et musicians (Mr Flab Masta + additional musicians). The Band was formed in 2003,  after the success of Steve Mc Queen. The Dynamics are not just a reggae cover band, reinventing classics, they‘re breaking beyond the musical genres boundaries with their very own ,  joyful and powerful blend of voices, live instruments and dub effects.  Version Excursion Album  180 000 Miles & Counting





In a Crock Pot, make a brown "roux": the base of your dish which will give it a strong and consistency taste, with a good drum groove and double bass accompaniment!
Then add some colorful organ notes and a good dose of piano. We perfect everything with a sweet and spicy voice that we throw like rain into the pot.
Everything will simmer for a few minutes over low heat, releasing a scent of good humor and New Orleans, Jazz and Soul sounds!
Here is the recipe for Gumbo from Gazeboo......

Gazeeboo  Gazeeboo Studio Gazeeboo Studio 1




Solo & Compos

Many featurings  ... on live concerts as well on recordings such as Nu Tropic, Mr President, Trevor & Lisa  ...

Still on new studio projects ...

Mounam Mr President feat Mounam  Mounam  Nu Tropic feat Mounam